Redknapp – Time to go

Seven games played and only four points on the board. QPR’s performances this season just haven’t been good enough. We lack everything a team at the bottom needs to get out of safety and for me and many other R’s fans, the time is right for Harry Redknapp to go.

Yet again today we went a goal down early and at this moment the game is lost. Before the goal went in and after the goal went in we had no plan. A manager as experienced as Redknapp playing a premier league game with no game plan (again). Suicidal tactics that are inexcusable in any level of football. If that doesn’t speak volumes then i don’t know what does. Glenn Hoddle gets brought in to work with the side on the new 3-5-2 system and players like Isla are brought in to suit the system. Yet after three games the formation has been abandoned. We go back to a back four but with no right back in the squad because our only one got sold to Leicester. Once again, inexcusable management from someone most people wanted as the current England manager.

Tony Fernandes asks for stability. But what he desires for is for QPR to be consistently good. At the minute all we show is a consistently bad performing QPR side. If he sticks by his “stability” values then Redknapp will remain in charge but only so Fernandes isn’t made to look a fool in the press. If he has enough courage he’ll fire Redknapp knowing that he’s saving the club from an immediate return to the Championship.

Looking at our Twitter notifications tonight (@blueandwhitew12) i see nothing short of a meltdown. The message from the fans is clear. #RedknappOut. What our club calls for is someone to take this talented squad of players and insert a game plan and discipline. Someone who will get results and get points on the board. Someone who will make sure every single player on that pitch knows exactly what their role is and how they should go about it. Someone who will let those 11 on the pitch know when their doing something wrong. If you haven’t already guessed by now then the ideal candidate is Tony Pulis. If you think of what he did with that group of Championship level players at Palace then think of what he could do to our talented squad. It could be something special. Tony Pulis is a manager who needs financial backing. He left Palace due to a lack of it. Tony Fernandes + co will give him that and be able to make him enjoy his role at QPR. There is still plenty of time for our season to be a great success but in my opinion that cannot happen if Redknapp remains in charge.

Time to pull the trigger Tony. Come on you R’ssssss


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